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Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (213) - 30. September 2017
DISCO episode 213 with music from the 4 Strings, DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique, Sandra, Ravers on Dope, Yanou presents Do, E-Rotic, Mo-Do, Blue Heart, God's Groove, Scooter, Holly Johnson, Face II Face, Slam and the new single of Damae: Phoenix!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (212) - 23. September 2017
6 years DISCO! 6 Jahre DISCO! Let's celebrate! Eurodance from the GTS Project, Tom Wilson, Chupito, Da Blitz, Apanachee, Herbert Grönemeyer, Lea Kiss, M.C.Sar & the Real McCoy, E-Rotic feat. Lyane Leigh, Zhi-Vago, PeCh, Ice MC, The Free and of course Pharao.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (211) - 16. September 2017
Music from Erasure, Da Hool, Lyane Leigh, the Bad Boys Blue, ATC, Grace, Pandora, Pompöös, Pro-Gress, Masterboy, the 2 Cowboys, Twenty 4 Seven, Whigfield and the 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (210) - 09. September 2017
Dieses Mal die Neunziger PUR!!! Mit Amadeus & Funky Diamonds with Lila Pearl, Love 4 Sale, Taleesa im Doug Laurent Remix, E-Type, Dr. Alban, Odyssey, Ursa Major, Scooter im Datura Remix, Imperio, Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka, E-Rotic, Captain Hollywood Project im Felix J. Gauder Remix, D-Stressed, Cabballero und Mo-Do.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (209) - 02. September 2017
Presenting the "Alternative Mix" from BINA - Tanz mit mir and two DJ-Mixes. Music from Scooter, Rank 1, Dance Nation, Minimalistix, Kosheen with "Catch me" in a very beautiful Remix produced by Ferry Corsten! Eurodance-Tracks from Egma, J.K., Playahitty, Anticappella and many more!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (208) - 26. August 2017
Die DISCO Ausgabe Nr. 208 mit dem "Trance mit mir Mix" von BINA - Tanz mit mir. Ausserdem die aktuelle Single von Matteo Marini - "Why" und viele tolle Hits und Remixes aus den Neunzigern und Zwotausendern. Darunter sind: Cappella, Good Shape, JLM, Ice MC, La Bouche, Caught in the Act, Solid Sessions, Sash! feat. Boy George, Double You, Ken Laszlo und Masterboy!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (207) - 19. August 2017
Presenting an exclusive WORLD PREMIERE of the unreleased "Hands Up Club Length"-Version of (Do you think it's) Magic 2k17 from Experience of Music. If you wanna know how EURODANCE 2017 sounds, please listen to "I feel sun" from GYRLIE. It's Lydia, you know her voice from E-Rotic, Bad Boys Blue etc. and I'm sure you gonna love that track. And of course we continue our summer 2017 with yet another Remix of BINA - Tanz mit mir, this time I chose the "Summertime Mix" for you. Please note that the "Forthright Club Mix" of "Strike - I have peace" has been never released on a Maxi-CD world-wide. It's a Vinyl-Track only from 1997. I managed to get this Remix digital!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (206) - 12. August 2017
Presenting the "Deephouse Mix" from BINA - Tanz mit mir and two hot DJ-Mixes including Moby, The Kinky Boyz, DJ Miko, Urgent C, Thomas, Masterboy, Souladelic, Space Master, Corona, Room 4 2, Project P. feat. Sabina, X-Perience, Captain Hollywood Project and E-Rotic.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (205) - 05. August 2017
Presenting the "Original Edit" from BINA - Tanz mit mir and two hot DJ-Mixes including Onda del Futuro, Vanilla, Tony di Bart (remixed by "the Loop!" = Scooter!), Natascha Wright, Damage Control, ZZ Music, IQ-Check (voice = Lyane Leigh from E-Rotic), Masterboy, Whigfield, Chixx, Maroma, Daisy Dee and Alice Deejay!