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The first DISCO was broadcasted September 24th 2011 on a German radio station called "CityREdio" located in Recklinghausen. The frequency 96.8 MHz FM covered most of the inner city area reaching a few hundred listeners. CityREdio gained very much popularity in whole Germany because it supported some winners of the German version of "American Idol" which is called "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

Initially, the "DISCO" was part of the weekly Saturday-Night-Live-Show "TURNTABLE RELOADED". Due to the great success it soon turned into a seperate show.

The last DISCO on CityREdio was episode no. 72 from April 27th 2013.
As Manuel Cerny had to take care of some other side-projects, he could not find enough time anymore to host his DISCO every week.

The DISCO continued on Christmas Eve 2014 with episode no. 73. At this time CityREdio turned into a webradio station. The FM-transmitter on 96.8 MHz was closed down. Manuel launched a brand new webradio called "reFRESH Clubradio" together with his partners in Recklinghausen sharing the same stream with the so-called "CityREdio 2.0".

As "reFRESH Clubradio" managed to get its own stream channel, the number of listeners was zero 24 hours every day except the 1 hour on Saturday when "Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow" was on air. Manuel tried to find a radiostation with real existing audience broadcasting on real existing terrestical frequencies. He finally found HOLA FM Radio Fuerteventura based on the Canary Islands, Spain.

The Perfect Partner: HOLA FM Radio Fuerteventura

Hola FM Radio Fuerteventura Logo The daily music rotation on Hola FM fits to the music which Manuel plays on his DISCO Show every Saturday afternoon starting at 1:00 PM local time. On Fuerteventura you can listen to Hola FM on two different frequencies. In Costa Calma on 95.1 MHz and in Morro Jable on 95.5 MHz. Of course, Hola FM also offers a live audiostream. Please find all the links on the Main Page.

The first Hola-FM-DISCO was episode no. 97 from June, 13rd 2015. Soon Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow became the most important platform for music genres like Dance, Trance, Techno, Rave and Happy Hardcore for listeners all over the world.