DISCO Radioshow

We love music

Reasons to become a DISCO-Fan

We only play Eurodance, Dance, Trance, Techno, Rave, House and Happy Hardcore. The DISCO radio show does not support EDM, Deephouse, HipHop or any other styles that are incompatible with our taste in music. We also don't like most of the "new Eurodance" that came out after 2010. There were exceptions, for example:

As long as the quality of the music, the production, the melody, the vocal recording and the mastering meets the quality of the 90s tracks, we will play them on the DISCO show. You can trust us and feel save. We will keep bad quality away from your ears.

Manuel works as a professional DJ for roundabout 30 years and knows how to create smooth breath-taking transitions. He takes you on a journey through all genres of dance music. His DJ mixes are addictive and we're sure you'll feel the need to play them more than once.

Manuel prefers industrially manufactured CDs or vinyls. We do not use illegal MP3 rips from YouTube videos. We do not support illegal bootlegs or remixes by hobby producers.

Each DISCO episode comes along with a detailed tracklist. You can see what you hear. This allows you to support the artists, producers and labels as it is very easy to find all featured tracks in your local record stores. Please buy records!